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Our strategic imperative is to increase access to the financial services industry through a network of experts who provide needs-based, practical and data-driven solutions to the growing financial challenges facing Canadians every day.


Our passion is to help people unleash the power of their finances by taking full advantage of the best financial products, concepts, and strategies available in the market.

Our quest to seek out and partner with entrepreneurs to build rewarding businesses is built on integrity, competence, and a deep desire to help people achieve their goals.

Our belief is that  strong and vibrant communities are created when their members are financially stable, thriving, and confident about their future.


We promote financial concepts, strategies and solutions that have stood the test of time.

We are committed to providing practical needs-based advice.

We attract and retain industry experts by providing a comprehensive platform powered by an industry-leading revenue sharing model.

We partner with entrepreneurs looking to build both impactful and profitable agencies across Canada.


People are not a means to an end.

It takes courage to embrace change.

Competence breeds confidence. 

Excellence and elegance matter.

Grit is the fuel that powers dreams.

Educational Network

Our subscription-based platform offers you a curated online forum with classes, videos and exclusive content where you learn important concepts that will make a lasting impact on your finances.

Financial Education

On-demand access to a library of videos and courses where you learn at your own pace and schedule.

Financial Concierge

Connect with a local licensed financial professional to answer your queries with a prioritized response time.

Discount & Savings Program

Enjoy discounts on your favorite automotive, entertainment, health, wellness, retail and travel purchases.

Earn Affiliate Rewards

Introduce your friends and family to trusted service providers while receiving rewards on successful referrals.

Informative Newsletter

Stay up to date on market-moving  news, major government policy announcements and commentary on financial topics.

Personal Planning

Our highly trained licensed professionals are committed to providing needs-based advice with well-researched solutions.

Cashflow & Debt Management

Free consultation services

Life Insurance

Individual & Family plans with benefits such as early payout and premium cashback. 

Retirement Planning

Research-based guaranteed retirement portfolios.

Children's Education Planning

Guaranteed growth-oriented strategies and access to scholarship plans.

Health Insurance

Health & Dental plans that reward you for healthy living

Wills, POAs and PDs

Access to a secure digital platform allowing for unlimited revisions and updates

Business Specialists

Protect and grow your bottom line by having one of our Business Owner Specialists uncover opportunities to unlock the value in your business.

Group & Employee Benefits

Invest in your employees by setting up a tax efficient health & retirement benefits program for your employees.

Insured Retirement Strategies

Take advantage of strategies that can significantly minimize your tax bill when drawing on corporate assets during retirement

Estate Planning

Transfer assets to your heirs and beneficiaries by leveraging tax-efficient strategies.

Overhead Protection Plan

Protect yourself and your employees from income loss should an illness or injury prevent you from working

Startups and Small Business

Customized plans for startups

Agency Partnerships

Join our growing network of financial services professionals across the nation building a scalable business

Full Service Brokerage

Access to all of Canada’s major insurance and investment firms.

Eau Claire One

Powerful exclusive back office designed for Eau Claire Partners.

Turnkey Systems

A client-focused training model with minimal administrative hassles.

Minimal Overhead

Low overhead frees you to expand nationwide. 

True Ownership

Own your book of business. 100%. From Day 1.

Executive Legacy Transition

A career exit program that rewards your efforts.

Powerful Alliances

Industry Giants. Premiere Products. Exceptional Value.

Award-winning Managers

Access to world-class asset management through guaranteed investment accounts.

Full-service Brokerage

A broad shelf of core offerings and referral partnerships.

Health insurance

Personal health insurance

Critical illness insurance

Long term care insurance

Disability insurance

Life insurance

Term life insurance

Permanent life insurance

Participating life insurance

Universal life insurance

Savings plans




Retirement income plans

Annuity products



Investment products

GIC’s and Insurance GIC’s

Segregated funds

Other insurance

Mortgage protection insurance

Family insurance

Workplace benefits

Affinity markets

Business owner insurance

Other investments

Workplace investments

Brokerage services

Referral Network

Personal & Commercial Home & Auto Insurance

Homeowner, Condo & Tenant Insurance

Watercraft, motorhomes, vacation trailers

Errors & Omissions, professional liability, directors & officers


  • I had the opportunity to consult with one of the advisors at Eau Claire Partners. He taught me the importance of Financial Literacy and Generational Wealth. He took the time to identify my needs and help me choose the right package, that will not only benefit me but my family as well . It’s important that we build a solid foundation to help secure the future financially for generations to come. His dedication and professionalism in this field really shows how passionate he is when helping others. Thank you for being a leader and a great example.

    Tasha G.
  • Thank you to my advisor and Eau Claire Partners for taking great care of our family on our insurance and other investments. We appreciate your punctuality and patient assistance during the state of confusion. They provided us with a very detailed quote and options to fit our specific needs and budget. I was very pleased with how quickly and easily Eau Claire partners Insurance Agency was able to assist me in finding the best quote for my Insurance. We are happy to provide this sincere testimony for your company.

    Amit and Parinita S.
  • I was very pleased with how quickly and easily with my advisor at Eau Claire Partners was able to assist me in finding the best quote for my insurance needs. They were very courteous and professional. They helped me find the best deal and was very thorough in explaining all the finer details of the different policies. I am happy with Eau Claire Partners and will continue to go through them for all of my insurance needs in the future. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in finding the best life insurance or any other insurance needs.

    Kamal T.
  • I had the pleasure of discussing my financial goals with my advisor at Eau Claire Partners. He helped me make informative investment decisions aligned with my financial goals. He ensured my family and I have an insurance plan that protects our future and gives us peace of mind.

    Dwayne H.
  • My advisor at Eau Claire Partners was extremely professional, humble and knowledgeable. I expressed to him that I was looking for life insurance for me and my child, and he was able to share quotes with me in such a timely manner, taking into consideration my current needs and circumstances. He held my hand throughout the whole entire process and kept me engaged every step of the way. My daughter and I are now covered and it’s one of the best feelings. And what I really admire about him, is his commitment to ensure that you have everything you need to be financially stable. Another representative from another company tried to bamboozle me but he was able to shed light on the matter and stop an unauthorized situation from occurring. This was not just a sales or quota transaction for him, he genuinely means you well and wants the best for you. If you are in need of insurance or any other financial product, do not hesitate to reach out to him. He is the best!

    Tracy D.

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